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Graphics and copy may be screen printed or chemically etched with or without a color-fill. Expected exterior life is up to 20 years. Color graphics have limited UV resistance and will gradually degrade over long periods of exposure to sunlight; therefore, long-term outdoor applications are not recommended.

Why Choose MPC's Brass Nameplates?

  • 提供带装饰优势的内部和外部耐用性。
  • 巧妙地制造在我们的机器和印刷商店到您的设计规格。
  • 预期的外部寿命长达20年。
  • 优异的耐盐性,腐蚀,褪色,化学品,溶剂和极端寒冷和热量。
  • High-performance adhesives and/or holes for mechanical attachment.


Material: Brass face stock (thicknesses from .014" to .062").
饰面: Polished (mirror-like finish) or Satin (brushed finish).
附件: Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment.
复制/图形: 许多字体和设计元素可用,以及贵公司标识。
颜色: 可用颜色选项。注意:颜色有限的紫外线电阻。不推荐用于长期户外使用。
标准尺寸: 标准和定制大小可用。
Shipment: 20-25收到订单和艺术品批准的工作日。加急货物可额外收费。


Brass is often chosen as a nameplate substrate because it offers a distinctive look compared to many other types of metal such as aluminum or stainless steel. The golden, yellow to orange color of the surface can be polished for shine or brushed for a matte finish. Brass is also affordable and为印刷文本和图形提供了一个很好的背景。许多客户喜欢干净和专业的铜牌铭牌。亚搏平台官网入口官网以下是一些其他重要原因,黄铜经常被选中:

  • Decorative.黄铜具有独特的金色颜色,来自铜和锌的混合物,用于创造它。结果,还有很少的其他金属选择可以给出这种装饰和抛光的外观。由于黄铜也可以用高分辨率图形打印,因此通常用于创建铭牌,这些铭牌是可以看到和欣赏的。亚搏平台官网入口官网
  • Corrosion反抗。黄铜可以承受许多恶劣的环境,因此用于室内和室外铭牌相似。亚搏平台官网入口官网它是一种柔软的金属,可以易于磨损标记,因此可以更好地选择装饰铭牌。亚搏平台官网入口官网对于需要最大强度的情况,a substrate such as Metalphoto®may be more appropriate. (了解有关Metalphoto®铝制铭牌的更多信息亚搏平台官网入口官网。)说,黄铜确实具有出色的耐用性,并且可以持续高达20年的室外环境,并且对化学品,溶剂和极端温度耐受耐受性。

Common Uses for Brass Nameplates


Individual designers and manufacturers will typically select brass when they want a nameplate to be noticeable and strong enough to last for many years. This unique combination of durability and aesthetics makes brass nameplates a popular choice for the following applications:

  • Brand andidentification.铜管姓名普通亚搏平台官网入口官网在习惯时看起来很棒identify important information on appliances or other equipment。它们可以作为品牌铭牌制作,以捕获产品的型号,序列号或其他重要的制造规亚搏平台官网入口官网范。当黑色印刷完亚搏平台官网入口官网成到黄铜基板上时,这些铭牌看起来特别锐利,以产生良好且简单的对比度。
  • Corporate亚搏平台官网入口官网。对于一些添加的颜​​色,黄铜铭牌也做出了不错的选择亚搏平台官网入口官网for desk nameplates or corporate signs可以放在办公环境中。它们具有经典的外观,也可以将颜色添加到铭牌中。亚搏平台官网入口官网添加公司徽标到设计使您能够创建一个铭牌,该铭牌捕捉到外观和觉得您的愿望。
  • Plaques andawards。Because brass is a malleable metal, it can be cut and formed into unique shapes that are perfect for plaques or other decorative items. Brass nameplates can be permanently attached to a wood or metal base with adhesive or by mechanical means, such as bolts. Any situation that requires a nameplate to look especially nice would benefit from selecting a brass substrate.

No minimum quantity. Get a quote for any size job.

获取任何规模工作的报价 - 我们没有最低要求的要求。我们的最低生产运行是每份数400美元,不包括设置费用/工具。Contact us关于你的项目。

No minimum quantity. Get a quote for any size job.

获取任何规模工作的报价 - 我们没有最低要求的要求。我们的最低生产运行是每份数400美元,不包括设置费用/工具。Contact us关于你的项目。

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