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Last Updated:February 8, 2022

A Definition of Aircraft Data Plates

Aircraft data plates contain all of the vital information about an aircraft. Typically made of metal, aircraft data plates are etched with registration information such as date of manufacture, model number, serial number, and registration number. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that all aircraft have a data plate, even those that are built by amateurs.

FAARegulatory Requirements for Aircraft Data ID Plates

Regulatory requirementsfor aircraft data plates are found in 14 CFR Part 45, Identification and Registration Marking, which is specified in 45.13 Identification Data: the identification must include the builder’s name, model designation, builder’s serial number, type certificate, if any, and production certificate number, if any.

Aircraft Data Identification Plates 傅rthermore, the FAA states where these plates must be placed in Part 45.11: “[T]he aircraft identification plate must be secured to the aircraft fuselage exterior so that it is legible to a person on the ground, and must be either adjacent to and aft of the rearmost entrance door or on the fuselage surface near the tail surfaces.” Thus, the regulation specifically requires them to be placed on the exterior of the aircraft; it may not be mounted on an interior surface, regardless of whether it is visible from the outside.

Overall, the FAA regulations state that ID plates must be mounted to the exterior of an aircraft and should not be attached in a way that will likely result in it being defaced or removed during normal service. It’s also important to note that they must be attached in a manner that will prevent them from being lost or destroyed in an accident. Therefore, data plates should not be placed on an inspection cover or access door or any other part of the aircraft that is removed for maintenance purposes or inspections. That’s why the FAA stipulates that plates must be attached to the fuselage.

Benefits of Metalphoto Aircraft Data Plates

Aircraft often are subjected to extreme temperatures, sunlight exposure, abrasion, and corrosion, which can affect the readability of data plates. There are some materials that stand up better to these harsh conditions than others, such asMetalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum。该材料构造的数据板非常耐用,轻巧,提供耐磨性,极端温度,阳光,腐蚀和化学品的突出性。Metalphoto已被证明可以保持耐用20多年,因为其图像密封在蓝宝石硬阳极层下方。因此,MetalPhoto数据板公司已由航空航天和政府组织合格,包括波音,洛克希德马丁,BF Goodrich,NASA和HONEYWELL,INC。

How to Replace an Aircraft Data Plate

由于任何原因,飞机所有者可能没有飞机制造商发出的原始识别牌。如果数据板在维护期间丢失,被盗或损坏,aFAALegal Interpretation他们的首席律师办公室签发,这些主人应该“寻求替代飞机原版制造商”。在某些情况下,由于产品责任曝光,制造商可能会毫不犹豫地发布新的数据板,或者制造商可能失业。在这种情况下,FAA解释指出,业主或运营商在联系当地航班安全标准地区办事处或制造检验区办事处以获得批准和批准时,可以在批准的来源购买数据板块。Replacing Aircraft Data Plates

The FAA Interpretation also warns aircraft owners against purchasing a reproduction data plate sold online because it may not be produced by the manufacturer or an FAA-approved alternative source and cannot indicate to the FAA that the aircraft conforms to its type design. When the aircraft is missing an approved data plate, it cannot prove conformity and the aircraft is deemed ineligible for a standard airworthiness certificate.

Overall, it is best to avoid purchasing replacement data plates from some sources on the internet because you may be left with a reproduction plate that is not up to par with the FAA standards and regulations. It is better to obtain a replacement data plate from the manufacturer when possible or from an approved source to ensure compliance.

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